Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sell fish

What does selfish mean? Is it a good or bad thing to be selfish? Is that what you really mean, that I'm selfish?

I am selfish. I want, like a child wants...there are some things I can't really hide, but have to figure out how to accept and use. It feels alot easier when I accept those things, instead of fighting them.

I am selfish. I am selfish and I can't figure out how to be anything else. When i do...when I try to change myself to suit others then everything goes wrong.

I'm could I be so stupid all the time?

I can't write
I don't know what to say.

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Wol said...

Start by not beating yourself up. You are a wonderful person, dear Corvi, and far too hard on yourself. The harshness of your condemnation is unwarranted, and unworthy of you. And regarding change: the sages all agree that the only person you should change yourself to suit, is yourself: your better image of whom you might be. Big hugs and a kiss on the forehead from me.